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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After all the positive things about Portugal that David has posted, I'm getting a bit worried that next summer it might get crowded like his other other post: the Chinese swimming pool! So for that I will show some negative things on our blog.

We actually had 2 days with rain and lower temperatures. Rain coats on!!

Yeah, that makes you serious!!

When someone is taking pictures, you sometimes get other people in the picture. Very annoying!!

And off course there are the fires!!

And last but not least, when ordering food you get soooo much!! This for example was a lunch dish and it actually was half a portion. Imagine the full portion!! They are crazy, hahahaha!!


  1. ;-)...
    well here a list I had to deal with:
    damaged sails
    cracked boards
    overstressed muscles
    wounds, wounds.... that don't got the time to heal due to the cold salty water
    broken sailbattens
    moments that i was tired of windsurfing--all that nonstop wind....(can you imagine?)
    fishes that injected venom in my feet..
    toll roads in portugal ;-)
    kids in my hammock
    crying babies ;-))

  2. Well, if this doesn't help keeping it all to ourselves... what will??? Hahaha