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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heat in Spain

Road that cleans/brushes the underside of your car, how cool is that!

So, time has come to say goodbye to Portugal, and go for a tour through Spain. Love that country. Friendly people, great food and a beautiful nature. Mountains, deserts, oceans, forrest.... you name it... they got it plenty!
It's a waste to drive fast through it on a highway. So we planned a route over nice small roads.
Thats the way to get along/find the best places.

During the day it became hot. 38 degrees. (airco in the car is a friend ;-)

Despite a airco there are way better and nicer things to do. If you search a little you can always find some nice places where you can relax, have a nap, swim etc..

We found a nice lake in the mountains with cristal clear water. No other people around

Time to make my bed and go for a sleep under the stars

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