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Monday, June 20, 2011

Wind and Kanelbullar

Fish on Friday to start a windy/waterly weekend. A raw salt haring, our local sushi ;-)

Superb forecasts with even better outcome... solid wind. On the saturday we got sun instead of the rain. On sundaymorning we got that extra turbo boost that stretched out our arms..

Tool for the job. Gunny outline means serious business....

Saterday we surfed next to the harbour of Stavoren. On sunday the wind went more to the west direction so we headed to Molkwerum. There we sailed totally alone in super nice conditions. Think we scored the IJsselmeer at its best.

Eveningdinner. Salmon, Goatcheese+honey, beetroot.

The view doggy has from her place..

Sunday evening the home backery went to the max..
Nothing beats the smell/taste of fresh Kanelbullar after a day of surfing.


  1. That's funny! I was wondering what "Kanelbullar" means in dutch... Because that's also (almost) the name of a female surfing champion: Canelle Bulard (from Crozon but leaving in Reunion Island), one of my friend's daughter, who won the ISA world junior championship in Peru last month.

  2. Bet it is a very, sweet and tasty girl ;-)))