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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Hollandse Nieuwe"

Finally!! The new haring is available since today. A delicious dutch tradition. Couldn't resist tasting a few at lunch ;-)

And I have to say, this year's catch is approved!!!

I like them on a bread with onions.

As it was daddy's day today, I took my little girl to the zoo and found a nice spot for her to take a nap.

Retreiving the pictures from phone, I found a picture taken at Ana's birthday. Seems like the little girl aprroved her mom's present ;-)


  1. So in Netherland you have a "new haring day".
    In France we have the "new Beaujolais (wine) day"!
    I like haring too, but Beaujolais is better! Lol!

  2. Maybe join the two? ;-)