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Monday, January 10, 2011

First sessions of 2011

With expected winds of over 30 knots and almost tropical temperatures of around 9 degrees Celsius, it was time to hit the water for the first sessions of 2011. David send me a message at 8 o'clock in the morning saying he was heading to Wijk aan Zee. But because of my arm injury, I decided to go to a more relaxed spot. I wanted to check if my arm could handle it. And I am very happy, because my arm could handle it perfectly ;-) I immediately thought: 'Damn, I should have gone to Wijk aan Zee!' But I still had loads of fun in my first session since November. Sailed till dusk ;-)

Perfect safety when the lights go out ;-)

The next day I spoke with David. He hadn't been very lucky. Second time going out he had a mr. Miyagi moment, where he trashed his sail with his forehead. I know it requires complete focus and concentration to do this without getting hurt (broke my ribs in a similar attempt). After all he still managed to sail a couple of hours with a broken sail and had very nice session, before waking up the next morning with a bruised chin.


  1. Sooooo, coole moves and story's. I was in Austria for some smowboarding fun........ and after five days > crashed and my ribs/muscle on the left side still hurding.

    But, we have some pictures ;-)

    Greetz Robin.

  2. Had je vorig jaar ook al niet je ribben kapot?

  3. yup, had a very nice session. sometimes pain is the gain...