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Thursday, January 6, 2011


When we are in Portugal we always go to the 'feira', the market. I always enjoy going there. I like it because most things are a bit different from the markets in the Netherlands.

For example, meat of small animals (chickens, turkeys and rabbits) is often not sold as meat, but you buy the animal. Alive!! It's DIY meat ;-)

Local farmers sell fruits and vegetables.

And the butcher is a real butcher. In the Netherlands the butchers sell pre-cut meat. Often cut several days earlier. At the 'feira' they cut the meat of the bone while you're watching.

It might not be the prettiest sight, but I think it's good to know where your meat comes from.

And at the 'feira' you can clearly see where it comes from. Hello miss Piggy ;-)


  1. You should go visit Morocco, and go to a butcher... I bet you think twice before you order there some fresh meat ;-))
    way more next level ;-))
    Portugal is nice with its meat, great choise and superb taste!


  2. In Essaouira, there's a street named "butchers street". Some friends stayed there for two weeks, in a "riad": after a few hours they realised that the name should be changed into "flies street"...
    The good thing is you've got the same weight in flies when you buy meat: that's more food for free! Lol!