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Sunday, December 26, 2010

X-mas in Portugal

While David is enjoying the snow and ice in Holland, we went for our annual x-mas trip to my 'parents in law' in Portugal. Due to a weird injury in my arm (can't raise my arm above my shoulder), I decided to leave my surf gear at home and take care with my arm. I don't want to make it worse and loose out on some good days in spring.

This has some benefits. During these two weeks I can spend all my time with my 5 months old little girl. Seeing her learn new things everyday is priceless. But still somedays it's difficult to not be able to hit the water. It seemed like the surfers had Santa's attention this year. He gave them a great present!

My two girls discussing the waves and enjoying some sunshine.

Nice clean lines.

The water was very low, making it possible for some decent sets to break pretty clean at the harbor mouth.

Decent overhead waves breaking at the beginning of the small jetty. A nice place to sit for a while and hope the arm heals quickly.... Gotta be fit for easter!!!! Brittany time!!!!

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