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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


While Holland remains white (thanks for keeping us updated David), here is some more news from Portugal. We headed to Porto today. Porto is one of the only major European cities (the urbanized area of Porto has a population of well over 1 million) that has a main beach which is completely exposed to the Atlantic Ocean. Most other cities are situated on the more sheltered banks of rivers and bays or off course the Mediterranean Sea. The ocean is one of the reasons why I like Porto so much. But there is more....

The famous bridge over the river.

The famous Port wines!!

The 'Francesinha', a typical Porto dish. I know it looks horrific, but you gotta try it. The spicy sauce makes or breaks this dish. If it's right, this dish is 'da bomb'!!

And off course there are other classic dishes. This is what the Portuguese would call a 'decent lunch' ;-)

Naturally, we headed to the beach today. The waves at the main beach were nice, real nice.

It's difficult to see in this picture (taken with my mobile phone), but these waves are a lot higher than they seem. About one and a half time overhead easily. There should actually be surfers in this shot, just the quality of the photo and the deceiving size of the waves makes it practically impossible to spot them. Saw some nice tuberides today.....

That's why I like Porto.....


  1. omg! that picture of the "fransessjina" looks like pure horror ;-). Have done potugal more than enough times, but never got charmed or understood that dish ;-))
    This is what I scored in Porto...
    You should try it also, a absolute winner!!(shopping center south of bridge /outside sitting place)
    greetz, d

  2. It's all about the place you eat it.... If you got a bad one it's horror, but if you got a good one...... aaahhhhh