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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bretagne pt 4....

I know, I'm back for a week already and still about Bretagne. I guess I'm just too busy demolishing the bathroom so the builders can start making our new bathroom. Anyway here is some more.

In the end of that big day with too little wind, I went for a nice surf session. I expected to be surfing the rest of the week, because the forecast was poor. Some swell, but not enough wind. However, the next two days were probably the best of the trip. Perfect sunshine, about 14 knots of side-off wind and shoulder high, clean waves. Six or seven bottom turns was not unusual. Most locals even didn't notice these nice conditions, so I was on the water with 3 other guys. I know that Giampaolo ( always counts the number of waves he has ridden. I don't, but with these two days as a bonus, I would say easily over 150 during the the trip. With six or seven bottom turns on a wave, it makes for a lot of bottom turns ;-P

Sadly no pictures and I was stupid enough to forget the GoPro. So these days are only in my memories, so hopefully Alzheimer doesn't get me soon ;-) (although forgetting the GoPro might be a hint??) But here are some scenery shots made during our long walks along the astonishing cliffs that never cease to amaze me.

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