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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bretagne pt 1....

My trip to Bretagne started out pretty well. The first day was da bomb!! It started out in side-on conditions with wind from the left, but when the wind turned more west it got too onshore, so I changed to the other side of the peninsula. Almost perfect side shore. I knew this spot could get big, but I never saw it in real life. Until this day!

The average wave was about shoulder to head high, but every now and then a rare set came with waves easily double overhead. The gusty winds ranging between 15 and 30 knots made it quite challenging. Sometimes making it difficult to get over the white water and sometimes launching you way up in the air.

Ana grabbed the camera and tried to make some pictures from the car. Sadly I had been so smart to leave the camera settings with a far too high ISO value. As this can't easily be seen while taking pictures, Ana didn't notice. So here are a few pictures, but not as clear as they could have been :-(


  1. over double overhead..
    thats in my case over masthigh
    we need prove

    mahalo d

  2. hahaha, where's the proof of you sailing in Marocco?

  3. ;-)
    I didn't got by bruised ribs from a hard bed ..


  4. Hehehe, well just ask Armand, the Exocet guy, or actually the EX-ocet guy ;-)

  5. Oh, and by the way, I was talking about the head that has eyes and ears, a mouth and a nose not that other head ;-) So double overhead is about 3,5 (especially with the not so tall French guys)

  6. Which spot is this? Looking at the forecast and planning a 5 day trip to Bretagne/cornwall as we speak.