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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wijk aan zee, March 20

I couldn't function normally anymore ;-), needed the taste and smell of salt water..
So early in the morning I drove to Wijk aan zee for a nice smooth sailing session.
The forecasts weren't that bad. Temperatures just above 10 degrees, a moderate wind of 4/5 bft. Water temp. just below 4 degrees..

Rigged The Hot Firepower 6.0, and took my big board. Sailed nice for about 3 hours, then the wind died. It didn't matter that much cause I was allready stoked that I was back on the water again after a too long cold winter period.

The board brought the color that the sky should have.

Normally you park the car in the gras next to the road. Now they made a new bike track on one side of the road, and on the other side they're gonna make parking places. It would be a bummer if it will be paid parking.....

We had to share the beach with some "Paris/Dakar" offroad racers..
Nice hauling engines and spectacular to see

Bring your trash with you...

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