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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Summerly november "stormy" day

The forecast was: very strong winds, maybe storm... (warnings on radio + tv)

When we arrived on the spot, there was almost no wind. A easy side/sideoff breeze.
No wind and a little rain didn't make us happy. The only one who was in it's elements was the dog. A whole beach+ dunes for him alone.

After a hour the sky opened. We got an unreal (for holland,november) total blue sky and a gusty 5/6 bft side/sideoff.
Rigged my biggest sail I brought with me (5.3, cause I expected to sail the 4.2 today), and the 85 liter board.

Allthough the waves weren't that high, some amazing long lines came in. Together with the wind direction, the temperature and the sun is became sometimes "undutch" perfect!

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  1. some people have always luck!
    some don't