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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early 'Sinterklaas' present....

In the car on the way to Wijk aan Zee, I was wondering about the wind and the weather. It had been raining all the way, and trees weren't really moving. But the forecast was good, so things should improve.

As if it was planned, the rain stopped just when I parked the car. With David arriving a few minutes later, we headed over the dune and saw a light wind, but perfect offshore conditions. So we grabbed our 100lts boards, our bigger sails and went for it. Out on the water, we quickly noticed that conditions were changing. After catching a few nice waves, the wind had turned to sideshore and increased a lot. Time to change sail and board.

Back out there, it was perfect. Sideshore and nice waves. I caught a few really nice ones. But again conditions changed. The wind picked up even more and turned side-onshore. Bringing bigger and bigger waves. We changed our sails ones more to have some control in the air. After that we enjoyed a nice and sunny afternoon. Up to mast high waves in the back with football fields in between and impressive hollow breakers in the front. Sailing slightly overpowered with 4.7. A perfect recipe for big airtime and some waveriding. All in all, a perfect 'Sinterklaas' present....

Off course we didn't get our camera's to take some pictures, but I found some pictures by Jepe again. And this time I'm in one of them!!!!

Off course, I like to remain in the background ;-) But I had first row view off Lampie's action.

About half way out, things got bigger. But not close to what it was even further out.

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