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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On our way down south

On our trips we take good care of our inner selves ;-)

 A classic "Kro" is a must have in France. I like my beers, and I know it's not the best (to say the least), but I guess it's sentimental ;-)

Enjoy the quiet beach of St. Jean de Luz. Quiet because of the lack of people, not the lack of waves. Although St. Jean de Luz has a secluded beach due to some concrete walls way out in the ocean, waves were still pumping.

Have a stroll along the boulevard of San Sebastian. Witnessing the benefits of city life: surfing after sunset. You would need quite a full moon to get that amount of light ;-)

Took Ella for a ride on probably the nicest Mary go 'round I've ever seen.

And off course this all was just a teaser for what San Sebastian is really famous for: Tapas!!! Last year our tapas trip got cut short, due to heavy rain and hurricane like winds, which made it almost impossible to walk with a buggy.

First bar. The best calamares ever!!

Second bar. Just pick whatever you want.

Third bar. Same principle, pick whatever you like and at the end of the evening the guy behind the bar KNOWS what you've had. With the crowds that some of these bars have, that's truly impressive.

So, that's the first two days of our Christmas trip. Let's see what the rest brings;-)

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