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Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy weekend

 On Saturday we headed to the arrival of "Sinterklaas" (dutch version of Santa). The kids loved it!! He arrives on a boat and then...

...jumps on a white horse to ride through the city. With his black helpers, he seems a bit of a racist, but we (the Dutch) tell everyone they are not slaves, but they are actually friends and the black helpers voluntarily work for him!?! Here's a great comedians view on this!

So after all this folklore, we needed some nice lunch...

Sunday was the day of the storm. With winds of 40 to 50 knots, I was glad I just received my 3.7 Superfreak Maui Edition. Great day to test it ;-)

This is the only action shot I have, it was made by Richard with his butt view cam, as he calls it ;-) I am the one "flying" in the back.