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Friday, October 5, 2012

A new season is coming

Or better, that new season allready started to the max.
Wind/autumn gave me allready something of its potential...
Last couple of days have been a blast!

Another coming new season switch is that I started a new blog.

That blog is called: The Big Flik
Check that one out!

It's all about the fine Big Flik things in life ;-)
More or less about the same things I used to post here.
Travel/food/fun/cars/doing nothing special/enjoi the small things
smiles/surf/wind/flowers/waves/boards/being just that average guy
vw-aircooled/repair/bad luck/sun etc..
and of course that small brown doggy ;-)

Wanna thank you for all your visits/feedback/support overhere

Friendly greetings + a big fine Flik

ps. Posted this message yesterday also, but to my big surprise
it got deleted after some hours... strange..
Was it the strong wind that founded an entrance in the 
computer"connection", and blew the post away ? 
Was is the automatic censorship of 
Anyway it was something weak


  1. Blown away for sure! ;)

  2. Must have been Internet explorer ;-)

  3. stories never got lost. they go over from generation to generation...
    think it was one of the other bloggers who got access on this blog.
    will join the switch

  4. Posts have been lost before, but this one was temporarely hidden. After having this blog together for over three years, I am sad to hear David is leaving this blog. Although I understand why he will be posting on the Flikka blog, I do not understand why this was not communicated personally (even after asking why he was not posting on hot-trips anymore) . By hiding the post I assumed David would contact me, but that turned out to be a wrong assumption.... Good luck with the flikka blog!! Your username will stay active for this blog, I hope in the future you will still post for hot-trips every now and then.

  5. I'm not gone overhere ;-) Justed started something new, something fresh, more rewarding, Something more active-i hope ;-) got maybe to much energy hahaha.
    But besides posting here, I also got this one on daily base.. + it's facebook. sure more work related.. but it got to be done. You don't hear me complaining.
    It's also nothing personel to my fellow bloggers. although they can be a little lazy too hahaha. Not posting from my side had no reason at all. just busy, or bad computer connection
    Something new/fresh is good for my appetite

    best flikks david