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Friday, June 8, 2012

My best session of 2012 (yet)

Had a really nice session at Ouddorp today. Fully powered up on my 4.7, with nice clean side offshore lines and loads of sun. The waves started off about hip high, but around three o'clock, just before the tide would go up quickly, waves got bigger and bigger. And there was about half an hour of pure perfection, with head high long lines. 5 or 6 bottom turns was easily doable. One head high wave allowed me to do about 6 or seven perfect bottom turns that actually gave me goose bumps after jibing out of the wave.

On the forumI found some GoPro shots by Ridge255 from a bit earlier on the the day. This shot gives a nice idea of how it was. Just imagine it a bit bigger in the afternoon ;-))

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