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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bye bye beloved Fish 82

December offered loads of winds. Unfortunately I payed a price.
During a stormsession I broke the tail of my beloved SOS rocket
fish 82.

This was the board I always brought with me. Nomatter where or
what sort of conditions.. It simply always worked. I knew the board
inside out. It was fast, super loose and turned on a dime.
It's a kind of a surfboard with a sail, instead of a windsurfboard
that's trying to be a surfboard. Sean nailed it with these Rocket fishes.

Sure, during the years the board got it's repairs and scars,...
normal after 6 years of heavy abuse.
But this time I'm not gonna repair her. It's time to rest.

One thing is for sure, the new boards that are on it's way got
loads of DNA of this beloved board ...

Winterly garden

Airbubbles in the ice

Doggy wanted to swim.... but the water turned solid :-))