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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gaasterland. Oudemirdum. Stavoren

Sunday.. Windy again. Should I go to the coast?.. Tired of driving over the crowded highway + changing wind direction I opted for the easy way. No stress just fun, the classic back in the days feeling. So drove with a smile over the small empty winding roads to my good old homebreak.

Sun in the face, music on the radio, green fields, trees bending in the wind...
yes, made the right choice...
When I arrived at the water the wind was hauling. Rigged my 4.2 and hit the water.

After some hours I jumped into my clothes and took the camera.
Tricky/difficult into the sun shooting...

Team Fox made the same choice and spend their sunday well ;-)


That's how crowded it is... (Oudemirdum)

(in short: they don't like the ideas of the government..)
In my words: Keep your f@cking fingers of this area

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