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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No pain, just a smile

Not a lot of pain, but a BIG smile!! After being on the water for over 20hrs since wednesday, the wind finally dropped.... I had all kinds of conditions. Left foot front, right foot front, side-on, full onshore, side-off, Chop, strong current, smooth, big waves, small waves, sun, rain, hail.... It seemd like a full windsurf season in one week ;-)

Thursday at Ouddorp with 4.7 ;-)

Twisted my foot on Friday, so time for some pics ;-) IJmuiden looking at Zandvoort.... Dark clouds Bart-Jan ;-)

Just a shot of the guys on the water.

Torben going for some airtime....

Sand and wind made a nice effect!

Nice to walk the doggies....

Also dark clouds over the steel factory.

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