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Monday, March 21, 2011

Quiverack / Roofbox

After some digging in the dirt (read: barn..) I finally found my old roofbox..
Didn't use it for more than 10 years. Used it on my first 4wd station wagon (audi 200 avant), so that I could sleep inside. Gear on top, 2 persons airbed inside.
Due to the nice weather I came in the holiday/trip mood.. Want that Station campercar again.

So after some more than intensive cleaning here it is. Think I will give it a new paintjob.


  1. Guess my volvo 240 brought you back in the data;;-)

  2. almost ;-). used also a 240 as a campingcar. I allready started searching for some old pics. Found the old audi allready. Left the camera in the shop.. so tonight I can post them
    greetz, D