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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and more... (Bzh)

The seafood pizza Brittany style... A overload of real fresh seafood.

Here I go for the toes in the nose

During the trip we camped with the bus in this field. Amazing sceneries/colors in the morning

Yup, did also some windsurfing. Almost no wind+waves, but hey loads of fun. Cause I know how it can be if you hit the jackpot. As crowded as on the pic, same wind direction but 2 meter waves.. And yup the waves came later in the week. But I choose to surf instead

Sleepingplace of the dog

Early in the morning in the field

A Breton with his fish

Erwan got the best crepes. Ehh.. and cider and rhum :-)

The brown nose

Pizza on the beach! This one was with an overload of cheese (Reblochon), patatoes , ham etc..
so a real filler. Super tasty, and it added so much energy that you could surf for hours without getting hungry.

A snack during driving. Raisin bread

Thats me enjoying the ocean


  1. Hmmm, can you get homesick from a place that's not your home? Cause that's how I feel right now ;-)

    Just one question: that pizza on the first picture sure was Linda's pizza, right? Cause if you ate all that I'll start eating tomatoes, hahahaha.....

  2. Hi

    Id like to make a trip over to BZH for surfing, windsurfing, culture and exploring with my family (2 kids, wife etc) - which town / village would you suggest is a good place to base yourself for a first trip like this?


  3. Steve,
    I would go to the Crozon area. There you find it all. Travelled around the whole world, lost my heart there... ;-)


  4. Great - Crozon is what i also thought!
    Do you have any accomodation (cottage) recommendations??

  5. I can ask a friend, or maybe Winfried can give away "his" sleeping place. So Winfried, you got the contact of that house you used?
    Cause my place is not available. Other wise google for the website of the Crozn community, for sure that you can find there some info.


  6. Steve, when do you plan to come here? I'm the friend David was talking about and I live in Crozon.
    From june to september, it's not easy to find a place to rent (and it's almost impossible from mid july to mid august).
    As david said, Windfried got a good address, but I'm afraid it's already full for the season...
    I also rent my own appartment when I leave Crozon for holidays: it's still free for the end of july: you'll find a link below...

  7. True Pierre, your place is in the perfect place. walking distance from the most important places. make sure your new bbq place is ready ;-)
    I couldn't find a the link, but Steve you can mail me: david123(at) (at)=@
    I can bring you always in contact with Pierre/forward your mail etc.


  8. For the link, click on my name on top of my previous post.