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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mailtje van Sean -- sexy surfboards?

Ik heb het nodige mail verkeer met Sean. Hierbij een paar stukjes:
(en ja, hij maakt niet zomaar een custom sailboardje..)

I broke down myself and said yes i would do it....It has been nice to custom make some sailboards again..since i have been so caught up in building surfboards...but believe me it has only helped my windsurf designs...since high performance surfboards for Hawaii are really technical and of course have to look really sexy!!! ...
I have your boards to the deck sandwich stage on two and one ready to color laminate the bottom...and Just got Joosts' things are moving along...

Sexy?? hmmm-- kortom ik google-en op : sexy surfboards , want wat ie daar mee bedoelt..
resultaat: zie pics ;-)

*mailtje vorige week*
Hi David
Boards are coming out really nice I am in the laminating stages...doing all the magic resin work/ then the bamboo veneering and then the carbon... finally hotcoating /sanding /polishing.and finished...
you can just come and take them ready to ride...
East Kuiaha would be a really good morning exercise walk to the Cannery on WEST Kuiaha... I say more time sailing and less time walking ...:)
Hope to see you guys soon

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  1. Ja hoor, moet ik er nu een 18+ weblog van maken?? En dt allemaal door Sean..... :o